Custom Software Development for Video Codecs, Transcoding, DVDs, Blu-Ray and Videos

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Fortium has a team of dedicated custom software developers working on cross platform program applications with broad experience across the principal software development environments of C, C++, Objective C, C Sharp, Mac driver and Mac GUI. With a depth of understanding for our customers' most critical business challenges we are able to consult and advise on a range of technologies in the digital arena providing impartial feedback and direction. Customers who do not possess the bread of resource to carry out complex development projects are often better served to outsource such work. Fortium has a proven track record in delivering solid and reliable programming and development services.

Delivering innovative customer solutions, Fortium has pioneered many key areas and recent projects for major blue chip companies in the movie and entertainment industry include:

  • Virtual drive file emulation for the secure distribution of mail production digital content.
  • Construction and maintenance of the principal audio watermarking database for the record industry.
  • Secure file distribution systems.
  • Comprehensive video watermarking and fingerprint data warehouse system.
  • High speed visual marking.
  • Encrypted video system.
  • Outsourced technical support.

Fortium has a reputation for delivering innovative outsourced customer solutions and regularly pioneers new concepts which are successfully taken to operational roll out. We leverage the latest technical thinking and bring an objectivity to development to give you true competitive advantage.

A Fortium-managed project guarantees greater flexibility, better information, productivity, and tighter controls on cost.

To enquire about our cost-effective development service and demonstrable ability to lead and deliver complex solutions, contact us today.